Tips to avoid faltering while prepping for Board exams and JEE Main simultaneously!

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Preparing for Board exams & JEE Main simultaneously? Here’s what you ought to know!

With only a few months left for Board exams and JEE Main, it is time for you to get your preparation aligned with your schedule, so that your scores reflect the effort you are putting in. This is the phase when you must not only focus on scoring good marks, but also perfect the art of simultaneous preparation for two major exams of your life – Boards & JEE Main. Preparing for these exams at the same time is surely a daunting task, but with almost all exams having a cut off based on your 12th Board percentage, it is certain that Boards cannot be taken lightly and thus, both of these exams need to be dealt with equal determination & zeal.

Board exams usually kick-start in the month of March while JEE Main is conducted in the month of April, which means preparation for both these examinations needs to be planned meticulously. However, the challenge over here is about where to focus and how to go about it and emerge victorious in both exams. Here are some tips to master the simultaneous preparation of Board exams and JEE Main:

Draft a solid plan.  In order to attain what you aspire for, it is vital to have the right preparation strategy and follow it strictly.  Make the most of the preparation time for board exams to optimize your JEE Main preparation.  Be wise & plan out a well-structured strategy that caters to the requirement of both Board exams and JEE Main preparations.

Divide your preparation time. To ensure each subject is given equal emphasis, it is better to divide your preparation time into various sections.  Spend equal time to revise each section and then on the following day, attempt the sample papers of respective subjects. Preparation should be a mixed basket of revision of the syllabus and taking the sample papers. This way, you will be able to revise the syllabus while taking the sample papers simultaneously.

Pick the right textbooks. In this phase when school students are flooded with all kinds of reference books from different publishing houses, it is vital to follow the right book without losing the track. NCERT textbooks serve the best purpose for serious students.

Get your basic concepts clear.  Physics comprises of three major sections – Modern, Optics and Electricity. Spend more time on sections that are challenging. While Chemistry numerical are easy. It is suggested to choose numerical over theory to score more marks.

Get the right temperament of exams.  Preparing for two exams simultaneously needs to be done cautiously especially when it about getting used to the exam pattern. Be aware of the differences between the board exam paper pattern and the JEE pattern. Do not get jumbled between the two.

Attempt previous years’ papers. Practice makes a man perfect. So, attempting previous years’ test papers of Board exams and JEE Main will help you hone your skills and concepts that you are not confident about and get into the real temperament of exams. 

Take mock tests. It is not too late to find out your weak areas and work accordingly to bridge that gap. Taking mock tests will acquaint you with your current preparedness and also your shortcomings. You still have enough time to mend your ways to success. In case you are appearing for JEE Main in Online mode then taking a few Mock Tests in Online Mode will be helpful.

Don’t let your preparation take a toll on your health.  Preparation for such exams require a lot of hard work and dedication, but at the same time, you have to ensure the state of your health is in right condition. The mental and emotional strain of long nights of hard work can take a toll on your body. Thus, it is advised to eat healthy, take small breaks in between to relax and stay stress-free in order to deliver your optimum on the exam day.

Give special emphasis to the exclusive Board type questions: There are certain sub-topics in various subjects which generally get more weightage in the Boards because the questions are subjective type. There are also some topics which are part of JEE Main but not part of the JEE Advanced exam which some students tend to ignore during their preparation. For example, in physics the chapters on Electronic Devices and Communications Systems are part of JEE Main and the Board exam but not part of the JEE Advanced Exam. Students should carefully study these chapters along with the Questions from the Sample papers so that they can comfortably handle descriptive questions from these chapters.

A good source to prepare these chapters would be an Archive of JEE Main/ AIEEE questions of the previous years for JEE Main along with a good collection of Sample Papers for Board.

Understand and get ready to dwell in the Examination Temperament:  For the JEE Examination, what really matters is not how much we know, rather what matters is that how much are we able to deliver in those three hours of the examination.  Many students make the mistake of attempting the questions sequentially and finding that there is not enough time left to attempt the questions that they otherwise knew how to do.  One must remember that JEE is a low scoring exam. Scoring even as low as 60% marks will get a student a decent rank and fetch him a good branch in a reputed college. Rather than aiming at solving all the questions, the aim should be to attempt all the questions that you are confident of doing correctly. The best way to do this is to quickly scan the entire question paper and solve the easy questions first, then go to moderate ones and finally attempt the tough ones without losing time for the easy ones.

Remember, the grades or marks that you score in examinations do play a vital role in determining your career graph. So, stay focused on your goal & put your best foot forward to bridge the gap between your aspiration and reality. Just do your best with a positive attitude & confidence and there would be no reason for you to stumble.

All the very best!

Ramesh Batlish, FIITJEE Expert.

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